We work in partnership with our customers to provide reliable, efficient and value for money ICT, while maintaining flexible and versatile support to suit your needs.

Not Just A Cure…

Prevention is always the best way to deal with a problem, that’s why we offer scheduled maintenance instead of just turning up when something goes wrong. We also offer advice in choosing the right equipment and can even handle the installation from start to finish.

Experience Counts

Between us we have over 100 years of experience in dealing with information technology hardware, infrastructure, software, communications and other IT related services. Businesses and Schools, small or large can draw on our extensive knowledge to solve service problems or provide support with the widest range of IT products and services including all the latest Microsoft technologies.

Our expertise does not end there; we can manage small works, office moves and even large corporate communications refits. We write software for accounting, stock control, warehousing and touch screen retail systems. We have developed software for mobile devices to enable reps to take orders on the road and for warehouse managers to track pallet movements, website and ecommerce solutions. We have even manufactured bespoke furniture for schools and built bespoke servers for large corporations. So 100 years worth of experience means more than just being good with computers!