Education Sales Ltd was formed in 1996. Its primary role was to serve universities and colleges all over the UK. In 1997/8 the trading identity of “The Computer Factory” was developed to assist local businesses and local schools. We developed our popular “Preventive Maintenance Agreements” now known as Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The Computer Factory serves Shropshire, West Midlands and Central Wales. With 20 years of local and national experience in supplying and maintaining IT equipment for some of Shropshire’s largest companies as well as some of the UK’s largest Academic institutions, we are well placed to service your business computing and communication needs either home or office based.

We have a number of engineers, skilled in all areas of IT & related communications. Each engineer has his own specialist areas of expertise that combine to provide an enormously strong IT team.

Over the years we have built an education client base that encompasses most of the local schools in North Shropshire as well as 20+ schools in the Birmingham and Sandwell areas in the West Midlands. We have grown a business client base of over 40 local businesses including some of the top companies in the West Midlands.

We also offer a highly successful in-house Business Framework Solution for companies who are fed up of using multiple pieces of software to attempt to run their day to day business. We offer a modular package of integrated business management software tools designed to perform where Sage simply gives up!

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Whether you need a new laptop, PC or just a replacement printer cartridge, or you are ready to install a major upgrade to your server and IT infrastructure, we can make it all go smoothly and efficiently.